MODULAR is a portable printing set that enables users to print all 27 characters of the Hebrew alphabet (22 letters and 5 final letters). Each set is composed of 8 stamps that are kept together using strong magnets and can easily be configured to form the different letters.

The goal of MODULAR’s design process was to minimize the amount of shapes needed to recreate the Hebrew alphabet. By refining and reducing the many shapes of popular typefaces, MODULAR utilizes only 3 basic shapes - square, rectangle and curve.

*Created as a final project at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

The sets were presented alongside 300 instructional posters, explaining the background of how Modular came to be, and how to use it. Users can test the set on the bottom half of the poster and take it with them.

A technical diagram showing all 27 letters of the Hebrew alphabet (from top right to bottom left) ending with the complete shape of the set. The three basic colors correspond with the three basic shapes used in MODULAR - making it easier for users to correctly assemble the letters.

Along with the printed posters, I created a few abstract posters to showcase the more graphical nature of these shapes.

Utilizing the different size stencils and some creative positioning resulted in interesting compositions that mixed both letters and shapes.

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