A conceptual re-branding for the SETI Institute which includes a new logo, tablet interface and quarterly newsletter for members. To accompany the rebranding, I also created an altered font based on the timeless Futura Book.

In addition, I created information pamphlets, entry passes and posters for the annual SETI Convention hosted by the institute.

The tablet app, entitled “SETI Radio”, enables SETI members to communicate and exchange information in addition to reviewing data collected by the institute. SETI encourage their members to help with the overwhelming task of going through tremendous amounts of raw data.The app is comprised of different screens/modes: Log-In, Signal source, Data processing, SETINET (the social network) and Data explorer. In essence it is an extension of SETI@Home.

Personalised entry passes to the SETI Annual Convention are created for every member.

Large black poster for the convention itself, and two smaller white posters for activities held within the convention.

SETI members receive a quarterly newsletter mailed to their home, each discussing a different topic. The newsletter mimics the look of Dot-matrix printer outputs and is comprised of 16 pages in one continuous strip.

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