This catalog represents the Visual Communication Department's graduating class of 2011 from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, one of Israel’s leading design schools and also where I got my bachelor’s degree.

A collaboration between Idan Am-Shalem and myself, our goal was to create a beautiful and unique catalog that showcases the graduates’ work in the best way possible. We chose to print the catalog using a mixture of 2 types of paper: 16 Munken Lynx at the beginning & end along with 192 Chromo glossy in the middle - all offset printed and color corrected by us.

As an extra special feature, we left the spine binding uncovered - exposing the stitching. Each cover was silkscreened by hand on Duplex cardstock with multiple layers, in a variety of colors, so that each catalog is unique. For the final touch, only the last page is glued to the cover - revealing the text printed on the inside cover spine. 750 copies were produced and sold at the graduate exhibition.

*All the project images in the catalog belong to their respectful owners
**Special thanks to Tamar Many for her guidance in the creation of this catalog

All projects, photos & images © Copyright 2021, Roy Sherizly