The Wix App enables users to manage their website from their phone or tablet. Users can write blog posts, update store inventory, create and manage events and even live-chat with clients viewing their site. Users can also create their own mobile communities called “Places" and invite their clients to join. Places allow members to interact directly with each other and the owner. 

As a Product Designer on the team, I was an integral part of planning the structure of the app, defining its design principles, developing the design language and also creating the main flows. Along the way we also created a mobile design system to help with consistency and velocity of design.


The Wix App is constantly evolving as we analyze data and adapt to user feedback. I continue to work on maintaining and improving the mobile experience along with a strong team of PMs, developers and analysts. We release new features and products into the app on a weekly basis.

The Wix App is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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